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Winding Roads



I believe Individual therapy or Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process where you meet with a professional mental health provider (one-one) like myself, in a safe environment. During therapy, I strive to  provide all of my clients with compassionate and competent care in a non-judgmental safe environment where they feel safe to be all that they are and want to become or grow into. My goal is to make sure my clients not just return their functioning to normal as before but as renewed, more inspired and connected individuals who can take the lead in their coping and life once the treatment/therapy ends.


Group therapy usually helps people (in groups of 6-8 individuals) meet with a trained mental health profession to work on stress management, socialization, communication skills as well as develop self awareness and other awareness by listening to  and sharing with other individuals. All participants must go through an initial intake for a screening before enrolling in available therapy groups or workshops for stress management and other needs.


Telehealth is basically being able to access mental health care from the convenience and comfort of your home or any other identified remote (safe) place via phone or video. Please note, your therapist will need to know the address of the location you will be attending your telehealth sessions from. It also involves a screening to determine fit for telehealth services as it may not be suitable for some people depending on their presenting concerns and treatment options.


Psychological assessments also called Psychological testing is a comprehensive process where individuals can learn (in depth) about themselves, personality, behaviors, characteristics, and helps identify hypothesis or reasons behind a person's emotional or social, or intellectual difficulties to aid in effective treatment planning. Please note, I only offer assessment  for emotional/mood regulation, personality, and career related issues.


If you’re looking for quality Clinical Supervision towards becoming a licensed mental health professional with a certified Professional Counseling Supervisor (CPCS) who is invested in your personal and professional growth, then you’ve come to the right place. I guide my supervisees based on their developmental needs and the requirements for licensure as a Psychologist or Professional Counselor. Feel free to connect with me over a free phone consultation.


These educational workshops are a great way to learn about topics of depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, etc. Learning general information about such topics can serve as a helpful supplement to your therapy sessions as well as help empathize with a loved one struggling with any of the above issues. Please feel free to ask about any current offerings as they vary depending on the interest and demand.

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