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Your Local Mental Health Service Provider - Here to Support You!

Thank you for your interest in therapy and stopping by! I believe mental health matters for everyone, including YOU! As a licensed psychologist and licensed professional counselor, I strive to  provide all of my clients with compassionate and competent care in a non-judgmental safe environment where they feel safe to be all that they are and want to become or grow into. 

Psychotherapy has many benefits including connecting with yourself at the deepest, more authentic levels so you can be present with your loved ones. Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain and there is no shame in putting our mental health first.

I provide multi-lingual (Urdu, Hindi, English) mental health therapy (face-face, and video) and psychological assessment for adults at my practice office and via telehealth. I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness, and Acceptance based principles in my counseling approach.

I help my clients tap into their strengths and resources to gain the confidence and skills to overcome life's challenges and get un-stuck from dysfunctional life patterns they often find themselves trapped in. 

I am here to help whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, or just needing some support to get to the next chapter of your life's path.

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